Round 4 and Prize giving for the 2014/15 Summer Tour.


Greetings All,

Due to the lack of entry’s for Round 4 down in Wellington, the organisers made the decision to Postpone the event!  Things have changed and a new event is scheduled.


The Event is ON! Kinloch Lake Taupo, Saturday April 18th.


Round 4 and Prize giving for the 2014/15 Summer Tour.


Details will be out ASAP   But

The Prize giving will be at the Community Hall in the Reserve by the Fire Station/ Boat Ramp  Saturday Night  6.00pm  ish and  FAST EDDIE  will be there as our DJ for the night.

BYO  your drinks and music requests

The South Islanders are coming, so they say, Pole skis and Runabouts


Book a house, bring your skis and ride the awesome waters of  Lake Taupo.

The hall is 10 minute’s walk from almost anywhere in the village, so no worries with the coppers,


Kinloch Rentals   Graham Rice   07 377-4861,  021 0585-358


Please fill in Entry forms and email to WJSC, Maggie or Carl,

Any additional info ring John  027 444 8 222

We will hopefully have a Manufacturer or Two supplying a ski that we can use as a 1 lap dash for CASH,   additional cost per rider, and it will be a one person at a time so any rider can take a go at a lap of a good race track.


Deals available from the Marina Company of $10 to launch/ retrieve your skis, and wash them if you want via the 3 double concrete ramps in the Marina( normal cost $20) Yip it is dear but well worth it, or there is a gravel ramp at the venue, definitely need 4×4, or the normal beach trollies.


Food and Drinks
There is the “General Store” about 5 min walk 2 min drive from the race site, Wine, Beer, Takeaways and all the normal stuff, and  “The Trout”  Licensed Restaurant  and a Garden Bar


All for now,  More to follow



Summer Round Entry Form 2014-15-1