NZJSBA Race Licence

All participants in NZJSBA sanctioned race events must be licensed by the NZJSBA. This can either be done by an NZJSBA “Day Licence” on the day of the event or a full season race licence.

The “Day Licence” is a great option to try out the sport at a local club day. It can be granted as many times as you like for local club events. You can apply for a day licence to compete in one of the North or South Island regional events however, you won’t be able to accumulate any “series” points if it is a series event. The “Day Licence” is not an option for the NZ Jet Sport Nationals – you must have a full race licence to enter this event.

For those more serious, and attend a lot of sanctioned events throughout a season, the full race licence is a much better option as its more cost effective. This “Full Licence” allows you to enter any NZJSBA sanctioned event throughout the year of the licence period.

Costs of the “Full Race Licence” is as follows: