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The sport of Personal Watercraft Racing around New Zealand consists of “grass-roots” racing or the local club racing scene, the North and South Island Summer and Winter Tours, and the pinnacle, the New Zealand Jet Sport Nationals. There are requirements for each level of racing and these will be explained in the following paragraphs.

Club Racing

Many clubs around New Zealand offer a club racing scene. Here you can come and participate in competition in a relaxed, yet secure, environment. These events are a great way to get involved and meet new people. Requirements for racing at a local club event are usually dependent on the club, however you will need to either purchase a NZJSBA Day Licence or hold a current NZJSBA licence.


Tour Racing

The NZJSBA sanctions racing both in Summer and Winter. Regional clubs host these events. In the summer, racing consists of short-course rounds. These are event where you can compete against other riders on similar craft on a closed course in racing that is described as motorcross on water. In winter, clubs host endurance rounds. These consist of a long course endurance race. Requirements for racing at the tour events are either a NZJSBA Day Licence (only 2 allowed) or hold a current NZJSBA licence. Also a current club membership is required.



The NZ Jet Sport Nationals is an annual event that features the best of NZ’s riders competing at world class level in closed course racing. To be eligible to compete at the Nationals you must compete in at least 2 summer tour rounds (in the nationals season), hold a current NZJSBA licence, and be a member of a local club.




For more information please contact the NZJSBA, or one of the local clubs.



About the NZJSBA

This is the official website for the NZJSBA and the sport of personal watercraft racing in New Zealand. Here you will be able to access the most up to date information regarding summer and winter racing, local and international news, entry forms, contact information, and more.

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