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Here you will find all the important info and documentation regarding the sport and events sanctioned under the NZJSBA. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email the NZJSBA office at

NZJSBA Rule Book

The 2021 IJSBA Competition Rulebook is available for download on the IJSBA website in pdf format through the link below. The NZJSBA has adopted this rule book for the current season along with the current supplementary regulations. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with all rules and regulations.

NOTE: If you have any queries regarding the rule book or supplementary regulations then you must contact the NZJSBA Tech Director first before modifying your craft. Please do this through the NZJSBA Office via

NZJSBA Supplementary Rules & Regulations

NZJSBA Supplementary Regulations
The NZJSBA supplementary rules document

NZJSBA Showroom Stock Rules
NZJSBA “Showroom Stock” ruleset

NZJSBA Under 1049cc / Rec Lites Rules
NZJSBA “Rec Lites / Under 1049cc” ruleset

Appendix E – Fuel Specifications
NZJSBA Fuel Specifications relating to
the Supplementary Regulations

Code of Conduct

All competitors must adhere and abide by the NZJSBA code of conduct at all times.  This also applies to pit crew and supporters at each event.

Infringement Penalty System (Card System)

The NZJSBA, in conjunction with the Australian Jet Sport Boating Association, have adopted the use of a card system called the Infringement Penalty System, or IPS for short. The premise of the system is to provide a clear and fair process to dealing with infringements within the sport. Details of the Infringement Penalty System can be found in the following document:

Junior Development

NZJSBA Junior Development Rules and Regulations

Open Class Licence & Class Flowchart

Open Class Licence Application Form and Flowchart

Open class application form

Class flow chart

About the NZJSBA

This is the official website for the NZJSBA and the sport of personal watercraft racing in New Zealand. Here you will be able to access the most up to date information regarding summer and winter racing, local and international news, entry forms, contact information, and more.

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