North Island Summer Tour Points R1

North Island Summer Tour Points Summary
Round 1 – Lake Waahi, Huntly

Novice R/A Stock
Ian Hartley 60
Alex Edwards 53
Tangi Ward 48
Julz Moulden 43
Blake Pardoe 39
Jordan Lilley 36

E/E Runabout Stock
Tony Shannon 60
Russell Bailey 53
Laurence Moulden 48
Rob Larman 43

Naturally Aspirated R/A Mod
Darryl French 60
John Wright 53
Eddie Moerland 48
Andrew Green 43

Veterans R/A Open
Carl Lampe 60
Mark Roscoe 53
John Wright 48
Tim Baird 43
Russell Bailey 39

E/E R/A Open
Rob Larman 60
Eddie Moerland 53
Laurence Moulden 48

E/E Ski Lites and E/E Ski Open (run as one race)
Tayne Lemon 60
Tyler Nicholson 53
Russell Thorogood 48
Brodie Murrell 43





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