Matakana Classic 2015 Results


TJSA in association with Action Sports Direct & Spray Technologies Limited present the overall placings:

1) Brenton Porter, Kaw, 1hr:10min:19sec
2) Stefan Dwane, Yam, 1:11:44
3) ASD Race Co (Rob Larman / Grant Nicholson), Kaw, 1:12:54
4) Ian Hartley, Yam, 1:13:54
5) ASD Welly (Carl Lampe Snr / Craig Boyd), Sea, 1:14:45
6) Russell Bailey, Yam, 1:15:32
7) Richard Cook, Yam, 1:16:57
8) Brendan Grant, Yam, 1:17:57
9) Bill Surgeoner, Kaw, 1:23:09
10) Brent Emerson, Kaw, 1:25:04
11) Luke Daly, Sea, 1:36:42
12) Dean Saunders, Kaw, 1:38:48

Well done to all those who raced, including those that DNF’d – top effort all round, and we hope to see you all next year.

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