2021 Battery Zone NZ Jet Sport Nationals – Results


What a cracker!! Thanks to all those, particularly the CJSC, that organised a well run event at Lake Roto Kohatu. Here are the results for the 2021 Battery Zone New Zealand Jet Sport Nationals. Congratulations to all competitors.


Junior Development Ski Lites – Novice

1st – Caleb Carstairs
2nd – Thomas Parsonage
3rd – Shaedyn Chamberlain

Junior Development Ski Lites – 10-12yrs

1st – Jake Wilson
2nd – Matthew Dermott

Junior Development Ski Lites – 13-15yrs

1st – Jonte Butterfield
2nd – Declan Thorogood

Runabout Rec Lites

1st – Darrell Dermott
2nd – Ollie Morris
3rd – Corban Farnley
4th – Regan Bates

Runabout Showroom Stock

1st – Carl Lampe
2nd – Josh Ashby
3rd – Hayden Foster

Runabout Novice

1st – Blair Malcom

Ski Lites

1st – Corban Farnley
2nd – Brodie Murrell
3rd – Darrell Dermott
4th – Jeremy Harris
5th – Russell Thorogood

Amateur Ski Lites

1st – Mike Keast
2nd – Aiden Brooks

Veterans Ski Lites

1st – Darrell Dermott
2nd – Russell Thorogood
3rd – Roger Parker

Runabout Naturally Aspirated

1st – Mitchell Farnley
2nd – Ollie Morris
3rd – Philip Price
4th – Steve Thorpe
5th – Ryan Newman
6th – Corban Farnley

Runabout GP

1st – Carl Lampe
2nd – Michael Carstairs
3rd – Josh Ashby
4th – Hayden Foster
5th – Jordan Lilley
6th – Andre Mackie
7th – Jason Feaver

Veterans Runabout

1st – Hayden Foster
2nd – Andre Mackie
3rd – Jason Feaver

Ski GP

1st – Mitchell Ellis
2nd – Jason Donnithorne
3rd – Ben Morris
4th – Marshall Brown
5th – Hayden Ericksen
6th – Brodie Murrell

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