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Here you will find important information regarding the NZJSBA., our current rules, and required documents for entering NZJSBA sanctioned events.

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Code of Conduct – Junior DevelopmentOpen Class Licence

NZJSBA Rule Book


Due to IJSBA not formally releasing the official 2017 rule book and inconsistencies around IJSBA posted amendments the NZJSBA will be running the 2017/18 closed course season under the 2016 IJSBA rule book incorporating any supplementary rules/regulations posted on official NZJSBA sites.  It is a riders responsibility to ensure they are aware of all rules/regulations before competing. Clarification can be sought by contacting the NZJSBA office.


NOTE: If you have any queries regarding the rule book or supplementary regulations then you must contact the NZJSBA Tech Director first before modifying your craft.

Download the 2016 Rulebook

The 2016 IJSBA Competition Rulebook is available for download online in pdf format.

Part 1
DOWNLOAD 2016 Rule Book Part 1 HERE (pdf)

General, IJSBA, Mission Statement, International Headquarters, International Affiliates, Membership, How To Join, IJSBA Control, Spirit Of The Rules, Safety, Race Sanctions, Homologation

Part 2
DOWNLOAD 2016 Rule Book Part 2 HERE (pdf)

Runabout Division Competition Rules, Runabout Stock, Runabout Spec, Runabout Limited, Runabout Open

Part 3
DOWNLOAD 2016 Rule Book Part 3 HERE (pdf)

Ski Division Competition Rules, Ski Lites (For Ski Stock Rules, See Appendix), Ski Limited, Ski Open

Part 4

Freestyle, Freestyle Technical Rules, Freestyle Competition Rules



Displacement Guide Download Displacement Guide Here (pdf)

Class Descriptions, Ski Stock Rules, Sport Spec Rules, Sponson Diagram, Chamfering, Pump Cover Plate, Bond Flange, Sponsons, Rudder, Fin, Skeg, Race Number Location, Starting Line Layout, Slalom Course Layout, Eligible Watercraft, Glossary

NZJSBA Supplementary Regulations

The ECU must remain the stock unit as supplied by the manufacturer but may be remapped. No Extra input or outputs may be added
 NZJSBA Showroom Stock Rules
On a case by case basis the NZJSBA will look at dispensations for builds that don’t fit the current rules (ie – GP style rules) – please contact the NZJSBA with any questions
NZJSBA Supplementary Regulations
NZJSBA Fuel Specifications relating to NZJSBA Supplementary Regulations

NZJSBA Membership/License form

Membership and license application form

NZJSBA Membership Application

Code of Conduct

All competitors must adhere and abide by the NZJSBA code of conduct at all times.  This also applies to pit crew and supporters at each event.

NZJSBA Code of Conduct 2017

Junior Development

Junior Development Rules and Regulations

NZJSBA Jnr Race class regulations

Open Class Licence

Open Class Licence Application Form and Flowchart

Open Class Application Form



About the NZJSBA

This is the official website for the NZJSBA and the sport of personal watercraft racing in New Zealand. Here you will be able to access the most up to date information regarding summer and winter racing, local and international news, entry forms, contact information, and more.

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